I am having some real trouble sticking to a schedule that i set. It seems my body has it’s own ideas of when to get up and when to stop whatever i am doing. However, I have noticed that i am not able to sit quietly and concentrate for very long. I don;t know if this is connected to the instantaneousness of surfing the web, my meds, or simply that i have not deepened my practice enough to tame the monkeys.

I have started to work on a small piece of cross stitch that i started when working…it was too hard to keep count of where i was while getting up and down all the time at work, so now, i am enjoying just doing it. I like my cross stitch completely filled, ie, no background fabric showing, unless the cross stitch is combined with Hardanger for instance. Aimee(sp)Bishop designs some lovely hardanger and used small cross stitch motifs with it.

When i get the little piece finished i will scan and blog it.

I have also started reading Nagarjuna, an early Indian Buddhist writer who is credited as being the most important thinker in Buddhism after the historical Buddha. I must say, it is not easy to make sense of when the mind is mired in western thought patterns.

Dainin Katagiri has a book that was published posthumously called Being Time. It is wonderful and deals with some very core ideas. I am thrilled to be reading it. The Nagarjuna was suggested as the basis for the ideas in Katagiri, but I am finding that i understand the Katagiri more easily. i suspect it will help me understand the Nagarjuna better.

in gassho