Well, here it is, I am almost 60(next month) and this year was an intersting one, full of changes,growth and realizations.Also, my blogging attempt was miserable, but perhaps it will be more possible this year to use the blog in meaningful ways.

Ok, lost my job, went on disability….not an easy or assured process, and wouldn;t you know, they haven;t sent a check yet, but they did manage to mail out the program particulars for”Ticket to Work.” It’s some sort of partnership program that supposedly helps you find a job. And the carrot that got waved is that as long as you are working with the program they won;t review your medical records. Those reviews are probably as much of stress builder as the initial processing.

HAve been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to get some decent sleep habits. Overcoming years of shift work(rotation on all three shifts) has been difficult. As a youngster even i was a night person…..lol…used to stay up all night reading. My body tends to want to wake up about 10:30 pm and I get sleepy about 5 am.. how’s that for skewed! Of course, if i just sweat it out as much as possible, they say it takes only 8 weeks to change and make a habit. Getting enough sleep is one of the keys to lowering pain levels and boy is that a challenge!

Well, good wishes to all.