Well, I have finished the embroidery on another post card and decided to upload a scan of it, and a previous card….these are holiday postcards and are probably the only ones i will get done this year that have a strictly winter holiday theme…..

this one is actually quite bright and has beads in all the little squares of the plaid…

This one is also fairly bright and you may not be able to tell, but what looks like yellow thread in some places on the left side of the card is actually beads, you are seeing the reflection instead of the whole bead. I particularly like this because of the beading and the gold couched thread around the shapes in the second stripe. I continued out some of the shapes from the first stripe into the second all red one. The third stripe which is a darker red with gold snowflakes print i did the same thing …brought some of the lines out into the all red piece and beaded some of the snow flakes.and then beaded in some snowflakes.