I stayed in bed most of the day and had an amazing dream. I often have intense dreams that are very visual and involve  being in spectacular places.

This  dream started out that i was on a piece of land with a a fence that had flowers around it…there was a very small little bear that had been dropped by its mom at the edge of the fence….she didn;t come back for hours and hours and it turned into the next day. I took the baby and nurtured it and then put it back after a few months…in the meantime i had a truck with a little white square “smoke hut” type construction on it..that i had used for the baby bear…i was travelling around with the truck using it as a home and camper when i noticed a large large black bear following me….i had seen tht bear as the one who dropped off her baby…i knew that i should get rid of the hut as it had all the smells of the baby in it….i backed down a hill and slammed into some trees so it would slide off and get stuck in the trees…that way the big bear would go to it and maybe stay there and i could get away…there were many people there and they advised me it was ok, but the black bear found me and the people sheltered me…two of them were a couple that was related to a work buddy … When we felt safe we left and i went on my way, minus the truck, just wandering. Somehow the time changed and i was a pioneer on a prairie with a tent wandering with other folks that i didn;t know…one of them was a young man with long blonde hair and very delicate features…we fell alseep near each other but as the night grew colder we shared our very thin blankets for warmth. Before i fully woke up the bear could be seen not too far from us and i became paralyzed with fright….i coldn;t move but the guy wanted me to move my head somewhat so that my very long red hair would be pinned under my head and not wave. The movement of my hair was attacting the bear.

I could not move and i couldn;t tell him that he had to move my head for me…eventually he did and eventually all was ok…we decided to be friends and travel together.

The  group travelled all over the united states, and it was wonderful, but then we travelled to Florida and there were dangerous animals…i was afraid again and hated it…then we ended up on the tip of south africa with more danger everywhere… we were with a very fierce tribe of people that we were all afraid of….and that we did not understand. they did not understand us either. one day i asked, are we staying here because we are afraid that if we leave we will be in even more danger? Somehow that question made me want to put my fear aside and try to make some way to communicate with this village of people….over a couple of years more all the women learned that all the village women were like them in many ways and we became part of the community…understanding each other and really forming bonds….i kept seeing the black bear and i kept being afraid of it and we decided that we needed to leave..in the meantime i had a wonderful woman friend that i did not want to leave, so she decided to come with us.

there was to be a ceremony for all who were leaving….it was called a marriage ceremony and meant that those who were leaving were still in the hearts of those who stayed, and would be remembered and revered, and welcomed back…..and those who were leaving promised to always be true and loyal to each other, and to those left behind…when it came time for my friend’s ceremonial part, we couldnt find her.She finally came up the long long road with people dragging her.It was not that she didn;t want to come with us, but that she didn;t want to leave her father . He was old, and without a wife or other children. He assured her it was fine, that he was with

his community where he truly belonged. He face kept shining as she smiled in love  at him.

It was as if you could see the stars and heavens through her skin.

and that at that point i woke up remembering her name…melise….and thought that it was a wonderful name and maybe i should have a name like that….ahmelise is what i chose. I think it means mother of melise.

I don;t know what it means, but i know this dream is full of meaning for me, and in some way, i am everyone in it . I know when i went to sleep i was thinking about crocodiles, snakes and bears which are the animals in the world that i am most afraid of.terrifed would be a more appropriate word actually. I do remember wondering if there could have been an alternate evolution where the snakes and crocodiles  come about.