Well, I am almost finished with the small crocheted gifts for one of the gals at work. She is having her first baby and knows it is a girl…she and her husband were going to name her Olivia Rose which i just love, but they changed their minds and now she will be Taryn Rose.She now has a bib,(finished) a crocheted doll toy (needs stuffed and sewn together) and a small blanket. I also made a small crocheted purse to day ..which i actually sort of like….it’s small enough for a little girl and big enough to put things in…i want to line it and then mail it off to somewhere….of course i will take pictures as it isn ;t going to make it on the scanner………Sometimes I fall in love with the tackiest cheapest stuff……..especially crayon colored yarns! I bought a skein of this really amazing neon stuff…..i made two little flowers and glued them on my hard hat and then used some to practice making 3 dimensional shapes…with an eye to making toys…..needless to say what i came up with is so so silly, and completely non functional…so i put it on the jeep antennae where it will sit till it gets too dirty to look at.

The rest of the skein i brought home and decided to use as trims around the edges of select postcards. I just love silly things don;t you know…there is not enough sillliness -true sillliness, giggle, irreverant, fun type silliness….everything is sooooo serious……….in the business world everything MUST BE SERIOUS! (said in a deep sonorific voice). So many people think the world will will stop turning on it’s axis if the sacred cows get laughed at. Maybe that’s why i sometimes just must have the tackiest most outrageous this or that .

My promise to do something everything day that i actually plan is happening…even though it is small, it is significant to me…..have been doing some embroidery and some burning of cd’s. The music work has been put on hold till i get the program straightened out…for some reason Roxio Easy CD goes on strike and refuses to burn my discs all the way through….the collection of trashed discs grows… I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition but it has never worked on my system….the tech support from Nero, or Roxio is bqasically non-existent and even my tech can;t explain why Nero won;t work on my machine…but thee you have it….no cd burning for me for a while….onward to finishing up the patch i am doing on Janie J.’s cq!

005 Debs artwork