Haven;’t been keeping up with blogging although i have been embroidering and crocheting…and reading about knitting socks. I love hand knit socks and have a pair that Nikki in Canada sent me several years ago.

I finally crocheted a baby bib and finished a baby afghan  and started another one.

Also tried my hand at some thread crochet. Thread crochet was actually the impetus

for delving into crochet again in the first place. I wanted to be able to crochet all those

really pretty edgings that you see and use them in crazy quilting and send them to

friends!Will do some scanning soon and show you as much as will fit on the scanner.

Also did more embroidery on the doll for the PA that i was seeing.

Have changed Primary Care Physicians and i have to say that the office of the  place i am

leaving is one reason why. They are so inefficient that it takes them forever to do anything.

It is so bad that when i went to the notary to have my application for a handicapped placard,

the notary asked which physician;’s office would be signing it. When i told her, she said

not to leave at the desk or it would get lost…that i should make an appointment and give

it to the PA in person, have her sign it right then, and take it with me.  It didn;t get lost, but

it wasn;t easily found either.  And of course, getting records transferred from one place to

another has been  ridiculous…what was supposed to take 2 weeks has taken 6 and in the meantime i have no medical care. This inefficiency has been the hallmark for a long time and they have the nerve to wonder why i  had gotten to the point of not believing them.

Oh well. I think it must be the same prettty much all over. With medical care being a commodity itself, the patient becomes a commodity too, several rungs down the ladder from the staff.