I had the absolute nicest thing happen a day or two ago…..or maybe it was Sunday… gggg

but i went to Sam’s club to get some things. I was really not feeling too well as my back really

really hurt but i was determined to get at least some of the things i needed.I was

parked in a handicapped spot near the store which my placard allows me to do. As i was

finishing putting things in the jeep a woman and her grandchild were walking by

on their way to their own vehicle. The woman told her granddaughter to wait for me to

finish putting things in mine and then take my cart over to where the carts are stored.

It was such a generous and nice gesture, it took me completely by surprise. I was so

elated it must have seemed strange to others to be so happy with such a small thing….but you

know, it really isn;t a small thing. Solidarity, empathy, just plain niceness  to others is not the

norm anymore really….at least not where i live…people are friendly, as long as it doesn;t involve

effort, or anything real. This is a very ingrown and family centered area and if you are

not born here, you remain a stranger forever. It can be quite lonely.

Earlier i watched a movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan….”You Have Mail”. It was delightful

little movie and Tom Hanks is never better than when he is playing a man in love. I thoroughly

enjoyed the happy ending.

Having to be at work in the morning by 6 am means that this is a very late night for me, so I will finish this post and hope you all had a wonderful day.  The photo is a collage of some work a friend of mine did…Nikki is an excellent stitcher…in fact she is an excellent craftsperson with all that she does. Knitting, sewing, embroidery….you name it…somewhere way down in the list of posts is a piece of weaving that she did in the Swedish Tapestry manner. It was her first piece!

Nikki’s work-a collage