In the mirror

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This is a 6 by 4 piece that i started and just about finished the day i got my Viking embellisher… was a lot of fun playing around with needlefelting all the yarns in place…i needlefelted the top purple piece(it’s the background here) onto a piece of stabilizer first then started playing. After i did some embroidery and beading, i let it sit for a while. Tonight I looked at it again and for some reason just had this urge to add buttons as the container. At first i thought it was a magic forrest and the buttons were the crumbs that showed you the way home….that’s what makes magic forrests safe , you know how to get home! Then it reminded me of belly dancing music….but in the end when it came time to name the file, In the Mirror is what it became. It just popped into the brain and seemed right.