Jane C. block-the lower two thirds

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This is Jane C.’s block. I did several things. I really treid to keep to the delicate balance of the block. As you all know..ggggg.delicate is something i appreciate, but never can achieve much in my own stuff…i tend to do bold and heavy! At any rate..this is what i did..

1. the scrolly leaves and berries under and around the large lace motif in the left bottom corner. Sue CQ. added the lace motif which she had hand-dyed. It is really really gorgeous.
2. I did the letter J with the simple flower…..it was very hard for me not to keep working on that and fill up the whole space. If i had, it would have completely undone the balance of the block though. However, if Jane would like more stitching there, i am willing to get the block back and do it.it was such agreat block to work on!
3. I did the seam that runs at the top across the block, ending just above the green tatted circle. That was done by Susan H. So beautiful! I love the color.
4. I also did the motif that you see in the green mottled triangular patch….the one with the pruple flower and the scrolly fern and leaves.

I hope you like it Jane!