This is the work i did on Sue T.’s blocl(Sue CQ). She asked for a muted victorian look…and i have to say, that was almost as much a challenge as doing NO PINK stitching on Susan N.’s block….i am getting a real work out here! Muted is not my strong suit..gggggg… I had a piece of very wide lace and chose to re-embroider the roses and leaves that were on it….i worried that it might be too “old” looking for that lovely young girl that is peeking out….the print that was used is quite lovely and fresh looking… a young girl in a pinafore carrying hydrangeas in a basket….i originally was thinking of carrying the very pale spring green and buttery yellow that is in that print, but then i read Sue’s booklet … dusty roses are accompanying the young ladies girlhood years! I actually like these roses a lot, and when you see them in a thumbnail version they look pretty good…..i hope everyone else thinks so too.