here is the chain stitch practice piece finally finished….i started it so long ago that i didn;t know whether to label it under UFO’s or not…. but at any it is.
I call these things stitch practices because i am not really exploring all the variations of a sttich, I am just practicing making the stitch with ONE thread and ONE parameter. In this case it was using DMC 6 stand-one strand and figuring out what that would look like covering a solid area, or making lines….how tight of a curve or a point could i make with this stitch and what adjustments in the sttich would i need to make in order to do what i wanted….now i know! First i drew out the words…Chains of thread and chain stitched the letters..then i kept chain stitching lines with curves and made some shapes. Then I made some more lines within the shapes to make some patterns and started filling in the areas with chain stitch. 99% of the surface on this piece is chain stitch and there is some long and short and satin stitch filling in. I did that not becuase i couldn;t have used the chain stitch but because by this time i was a little tired of doing it…….lol… can see how that might happen I am sure.

Next up for my exploration of the chain stitch is to use a larger diameter fiber.I know this will result in open spaces in the stitch unless i pull it tight or make short sttiches so one of the challenges will be to decide to fill in the open space or leave it as is.

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