Here it is ! The embroidery is done on this block. i am determined tht i am adding nothing else to it..although i wassssss thinking about beads….lol…..
now all i have to do is make the fabric book and applique this onto the cover. I am vry pleased to have the embroidery done. I had no idea that i would be adding that much to it. I rmemeber the original intention of the cotton blocks was to make them simple and direct. So much for that.

this is a detail of the leaves that i ended up putting in one corner. I worked from a little booklet that showed the closed cretan stitch and used that stitch for them. The lighter green that you see are straight stitches inbetween the legs of the cretan stitch. While doing it all i could think of was that really the closed cretan could just as easily be called an alternating buttonhole stitch.

This is a detail of the heart motif. I added a straight stitch to the lazy daisy vine around the heart and i think it really added a little oomph. I like it quite a bit and am pleased with it!

Happy stitching y’all.