Susan Nixon;s Pink Lady

Seven of us are in a private crazyquilting round robin. Several of us have known each other for years and have done quite a bit of stitching together, and others are newly met friends. One of those newly met friends is Susan Nixon. She has her block all ready to go. It’s a lovely block …don;t know what size it is but I do know that the things you see on it are not attached. They are being auditioned and she will be sending around this block to us completly empty! What this means is that there is going to be room for us to stitch and i can;t wait…the ideas have already begun to flow. I just hope that by the time it gets to me, there will be some space left!

One of the other women in the rr asked what sort of things we were doing….my answer was that i was going to pick the first 20 fabric scraps i had laying around and i would put the first 7 of those that were big enough on a foundation. That will be a far cry from this wonderfully pieced block!

On another note, i have been stitching some on the little FIT block i posted yesterday and have also done more on the one corner with herringbone wide band. If this block were not going to be used on a book cover i think i would bead that seam, but i don’t like using beads on things that will see heavy? use.However, I have decided to get out a piece of evenweave and do this band again and see what i can come up with.

And yet again…on yet another note, a friend from Canada (Nikki) and I have been talking about making January our month to celebrate and to share with each other what we are celebrating. I love New Year’s for the very reason that it signifies beginning, trying again….and in a sense, a re-committment to values, and value-ing yourself, life, and by extension other’s lives and selves.Even though every moment is a beginning, it helps me to have a symbol…it reminds me to live NOW…not to wait till i have “time” not tow ait till i am done with the housework, or wait till i feel better, or wait till……whatever…….but I think it is important to be engaged in the moment you are in….and every moment is NOW….there is no other moment and so….i have realized that i have many things to celebrate just today.
1. I went to the Zen center this morning and recieved instructions on doing chiden in the center. That means that once a week I help take care of the various altars that are in different rooms. Since steps are very difficult for me, another person is also doing chiden for the upstairs altars. They must be dusted, and vessels for offering incense must be sifted and cleaned of debris. The candle holders must be cleaned, pictures dusted and flowers must be refreshed. The altars are different sizes and some are simply small small shelves attached to a wall with a picture, an incense holder, candle and small vase for a single flower and a piece of greenery. There are larger surfaces also that serve as altars and in the Zendo itself there is a beautiful free-standing altar. We learned how to arrange the flowers so that they lean forward in front of the greens that are placed in the vase with them. We also learned placement of various articles on the surfaces and it was all very wonderful to learn. This will be a three month assignment.

I am also celebrating today two rather mundane but related things….one i resisted the very strong urge to go food shopping! I recognized that i would was using it as an excuse to get next to the candy aisle…..oh that chocolate has my name on it!
The other thing i did was COOK! amazing….yes, me, i actually chopped and seasoned food, then put it on a burner….and yes, it was good!Of course it was a simple thing and took all of five minutes to get into the pan……but you know what, for the most part of the last 12 years i considered heating water in the microwave to be cooking………ggggggg.So who knows, it’s January 5th 2007, aqnd if i can repeat this scenario with the food, i just might lose weight and have less pressure on the joints…and feel better too-what could be bad?????