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  • There have been some new posts for the Paisley challenge. Mandy H. has been learning how to wet felt and also free motion embroider…you should see the three paiselies she has come up with. One is a very bright wet felted motif, another piece has two paisely the same done with FME and the third piece used machine stitched paiselies as a repeat on the background and a slipped paisely for the foreground….i won;t spoil it by describing any of them in detail….just go see for yourself! Mandy also has her own blog

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    The first pic below shows the further working on the first cotton block i have chosen to work on for Sandie’s
    UFO challenge.

    I have done some work on the motif in the middle adding some running stitches and then some filled lazy-daisies around the circles. I also did some work on the seam with the orange-y flowers but i am not nuts about it and it either needs ripped out(the yellow stitches) or added to. I also added some chain stitch lines around some of the edges which i think adds a certain sense of boundary to it. And, i have been adding another set of wide band border type stitches in the upper left. It is based on the herringbone and is not finished by a long shot. There is a detail of it in the second pic.

    This wide band stitched border is based on the herringbone…with some straight stitches at the little crossed intersection and then horizontal straight stitches in between the crossed parts to give it an overall look of being tiled….then i did some fly stitches…to me it makes a great looking lattice just as it is.And I can certainly see filling a larger area with this as an allover pattern. However, i won;t be filling the orange patch with this, but i will be working more on it. Haven;t decided exactly what to do but there will be much more done in the spaces and possibly on the inside edges. Stay tuned…lol……