This has been the month from hell physically…’s too long a story and very boring on top of that, but suffice it to say it will take a long time for the pain levels to go down to more or less tolerable. However… has eased up quite a bit and my computer is back up to speed as well….so here i am……finally!

ONe thing i have to say though, it hasn;t been the month from hell for friendship…quite the wonderful opposite. I have been on the recieving end of beautiful fiber postcards that were exchanged in a swap on the CrazyquiltingFriends list on Yahoo. Sandie does such a great job on that list….it really is like an e-home!

Take a look at the postcards below and see if you don;t agree with me that they are just incredible and wonderful.,…and every other superlative that i can find.No amount of physical pain can take away or dampen the wonderfullness that they are!

Sandie Wilmott

Sandie Wilmott

This is Sandie’s card…the finest most even stitching..a single strand of thread and just perfect…..Sandie made all her cards in white with stunning accents and all of us who have been lucky enough to recieve one have had the same reaction-pure elegance!

Catherine Scott

This is such a warm and inviting card…isn;t it lovely….take a good look at that Santa that the kindest,gentlest look you have ever seen…’s like he’s saying..that’s ok…I know you’ve REALLY been good…..i love the SRE flowers and the red bugle beads inverting the colors on the foliage. Very very cool!
Maureen Curlewis

Maureen says she doesn’t like the red lacy knit, but i think it is perfect. I hope she finds yards and yards of it in her stash somewhere and decides it needs a new home………..gggggg….well, ok, one yard ought to do me for a few years…this is such a well put together card…i love the balance of the colors and the stitching….ok…i love everything about it….

Ulla F.

This card is such a treasure…..i adore cross stitch, especially when it is pieced into cq….and this angel is just the right amount of detail without being fussy. The card is just gorgeous. I have such a long way to go to be good enough for these cards.
Maureen Bond

If you look closely and really take notice you will see the most delicate curl to the flower petals in the upper left hand corner….this flower was made with the finest silk gauze…it;s amazing…Maureen cut the petals out of silk teabags! That tells you the size she was working with. There is something so elegant about the simplicity of the compositiion..I can;t really put it into words why it affects me so much, but i just find myself reacting to it so positively.

Maureen Curlewis-Winter Haiku

I saved this one for last although if I had been able to scan them as the cards came in, it would have been the first image..this is the first fiber postcard I ever recieved….I wish you all could see it in person….the sheer overlay has angelina fibers in it so that it sparkles….there are ab bugle beads stitched on to represent ice and sleet…this is truly a winter card. When i first saw this card on Maureen’s blog it was love at first sight….the single tree and the sloping lines have such a sense of space…and endurance.This tree, bowed but not broken….
and maureen was kind enough to send it to me as a sort of swap in trust.