TheCQF group on yahoo is doing a holiday postcard swap and this the second one i have done. The third.fourth and fifth ones are in the works, with #3 almost done. I am glad to say that cause they have to be in the mail no later than 17th of this month…..needless to say i am pushing the deadline here….lol….

The white part on the left side is stuffed to look like mounds of snow…and the pinkish stitches you see are not really pink, it;s an ab specialty thread that reflects light in different ways. For the life of me i had no idea how to make a little cottage in the country with all the trimmings in such a small space. After i did the outline i went nuts looking for a wee wee miniature wreath…it would have had to be about 1/8th inch wide all told…..and no way could i find one in the usual stores…..then i went looking for fabric that might have tiny houses on it that i could applique…nope, all too big….soooo, this little brown country saltbox is stranded there in the snow.

Sandie W. has put out a challenge to the rest of the stitching world….on her blog,
are more details, but the upshot is to try to finish those undone as yet projects in 2007 and blog our progress. These undone as yet projects are also known as:

WIPS-works in progress
WISPS-Works in SLOW progress
UFO’s-unfinished objects……….
and for some of us…. formerly interesting things(FITS)

On her blog Sandie explains why she has a collection of UFO’s and in an email conversation I enumerated the reasons why i have a drawerful of FITS…..and starts. And with encouragement from her…i now post them….(not in order of importance.)

1. once i learn the technique i get bored with the project sometimes.
2. sometimes while learning a technique i jump way ahead of it and want to try the next step asap!
3. sometimes if it doesn;t come out the way i think i want it and it is taking longer than i thought..or is harder than i thought then i put it aside till i either have time or patience…and then it sits!
4. My finishing skills are lousy..and i often will set something aside becuase i don;t know how to finish it and have it look nice too.
5. by the time i am near done with something, i am often so bored with it i don;t even want to see it again…unless it is for someone else….
6.I really have been impatient at times and jump from project to project.
7. i have so little time to stitch most of the time that i really coulnd;t finish anything but committments ..but i love to try things.

how’s that for a fistfull of reasons……..and i think one of the main things is that i need to leverage a little discipline into it!