I wish i could show you some of the contents of this issue of Piecework magazine….it is chock full of stuff that stitchers love…information about various types of stitching..history, some how-two and some patterns, but for crazyquilters and others who use things other than threads alone, this is an especially wonderful issue cause is tells you how to make crochet covered buttons! They are gorgeous! I can see them on almmost anything…a cq, an embroidered piece that wants texture and suggestion of shape….and of course, clothing.

There is also a project for a knitted, embroidered and then finally felted pillow.
It can be found on on their website.

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  • There is also an ad for the 2007 costume calendar that sounds just full of eyecandy! That can be bought from the Texas Tech University Press-the Costume Society of America is putting out these calendars yearly as part of a Historic Fashion Series.
    PO BOX 41037 Lubbock Texas 79409-1036(TTUPress)

    Does anyone here remember all the felt kits you could(and probably still can) buy for things like christmas ornaments and such….all the tiny figures you had to cut out and embellish with sequins and tiny stitches? Well, there is a full article on a tree skirt that was made like this and it is gorgeous. The only time i ever had the money to buy one of those kits, i was so disappointed in my lack of patience and skill…i just couldn;t get those tiny figures stitched! Here is someone who actually got the whole thing done and the results are so nice.And of course there is a pattern for a gret bird ornament. My favorite kind!

    I don;t want to spoil everything, but there are more and more and more wonderful articles…beading…needlelace, some Chinese embroidery with a pattern…the whole issue is just wonderful.