well, I am tagged! Not once, but twice,

  • Jo from NZ
  • of paisley and sequin flowers fame, but also Sandie W. from

  • A Beautiful Craft
  • .
    Hearing from

  • Norma
  • and she had also been tagged so those three are definitely out! So, what i decided to do was tag some folks that don’t really know me from Adam but whose work i really like and whose blogs i enjoy seeing. I hope you agree with me that they are worth the visit!
    First up is

  • Alma Stoller
  • who has such playful and delightful work…today she is featuring a tutorial on polymer clay. If you are at all interested, this is a must-see.

    Next is

  • Annie W.
  • who is doing a tut of sorts on chickens…you’ll just have to go visit and see it for yourself…and whiile you are there…check everyhting else out too!

    I don’t know how many folks know

  • Cecelia from Brazil
  • but she does some fantastic redwork and quilting…she is also crazyquilting and has some lovely seam treatments going!

  • Gail’s blog
  • is a wonderful mix of things, but what i love the most is that everyone is smiling! She is SO upbeat it’s a pleasure to read and she does awesome fiber ATC’s. She even has a cool tut about them as well.

  • This is Gerry’s blog
  • which is visually beautiful and chock full of interesting things if you take the time to read the sidebars and the entries….if you scroll down a bit you can see the links to last several years of Hoffman Challenge winners…that;’s some serious eye candy!

    Now, 5 weird things about me….well, ummm….lets see…..how to pick….

    well, my coworkers think everything is weird about me, from my name to my furkids names…. is that 1???

    I have lived at my present home for about 10 years and have no rugs….most people would think that;’s weird, but it makes cleaning up so so much easier…..lol..and easy is what i am after!

    Ok, here’s number three….I am the only buddhist in my county….i think that is amazing, but maybe it also qualifies as weird….

    I have one small mirror in the bathroom, a little hand held one to make sure my hair is not sticking out all over the place .

    And….#5..I guess, speaking about hair, it’s very very short…very very short….did I mention that it was short….and i cut it myself.Except for the ones that are bald, everyone I know has longer hair than me.

    I would have loved to tag everyone I know…..

  • like Susan N.the traveller
  • and

  • Barbara C.
  • who has some really interesting things on her blog all the time.

    and Julia C’s blog

  • Camille’s Place
  • that showcases some exquisite embroidery and hand dyed laces.

    If I keep going…the list will be too too long….enjoy!