There was a small discussion on the Stitching Post list about french knots. These three images from some antique Chinese embroidery are what has inspired me to try to do french knots as well and evenly as i possibly can. It’s not till you get to the detail image that you realize that the shading is not from shaded satin stitching but from french knots!

overview of the panel

A little closer


This work is all done in silk.Till I can do something anywhere near this, i consider that i don;t know how to do a french knot!

Nothing new just a bunch of appointments all this week and squeezing in time for stuff is getting a little harder……..but I will be posting a little bit of a tut on satin stitching….just a few pictures of beginning to cover an area.

This is from the Dover Sampler series, which you can get mailed to you each week from Dover Publishing. The link is on the sidebar and what happens is that every week they send you a selection of titles and samples from thsoe books. Some of them are pages of text, but many are illustrations. They are free to download and Dover even includes the download instructions with the sampler. It’s a wonderful way to not only actually get some graphics, but also to see what is out there. Dover Publishing is one of the places that artists and craftspeople can count on for affordable sources for designs and motifs.

happy stitching