Here is a picture of my female pup. She is so incredibly sweet. She is far more eager and willing to please that her brother Sin Huevos and wags her tail ALL the time. Both she and her bro have beautiful smiles and maybe one day i will be able to capture them.

And here is another of the two of them. i have this terrible feeling that now that i have a digital camera i am going to end up one of those people that just has a million pics of the babies and shares them at the drop of a hat….lol………..

Also, on the Motif a Day page (under “collections” in the sidebar) there are two paislies. They are adaptations of paislies from a Dover collection.If you read the sidebar on the M.A.Day Series you will know that the previous entries are deleted when the new one goes up.

And finally…more of the Easy Share software…i love it…it allows you to edit a picture(or graphic) in “coloring book” mode…………which means it makes black and white outline graphics of pics….this is a great feature.You can easily begin to embroider a photo of…oh, let’s say my dogs! Here’s one from the bunch of photos I took this evening.

Some of the lines need to be darkened but otherwise this is just a great thing. I did this as well to some color vector clips i had of birds and the outlines are dark, sharp and clear. I don;t know if you can get this software without buying the camera, but if you can, and it is not exhorbitantly priced, this feature is just the greatest!

I have been having a lot of fun with my programs as you can see, so i thought i would share another color swatch..these are more fun than jelly beans……… here’s “golden glow” for want of a better name.