Calidore’s Garden Ramblings: Crazy Quilted Postcards Tutorial

You will find a wonderful wonderful tutorial on making a fabric postcard on Catherine of the Garden’s Blog It is thorough, good pictures, simple to follow and full of good tips! Is there more you could ask for?

I am working on the Chain Stitch practice piece(see below several entries down)and getting ready to start a small project for the beginner list –

  • Learn To Embroider
  • this is not really a Learn to CQ list, or Learn to do this or that, it really is what is sounds like…Learn to Embroider…basic stitches, threads, fabrics etc etc….and there will of course be stuff about particulars ——-gggggg…if i know any or any of the members know something particular to teach….although if you are that good in any one technique, LTE might be pretty basic….the sister list,

  • Stitching Post
  • might be a better place.

    Check them out and join if you are interested…the more the merrier, and of course you know you are welcome!