The next picture is of the chain stitch practice as it is evolving…i LOVE LOVE LOVE chain stitch! I love the raised texture of it, the sinuousness of it, the way is just seems to slide from color to color…it can be dense, or light and airy..and i love what it looks like when it is uniform..with all the little individual chains as near to the same size as you can get them. yea, okay, i’mm probably a little over the top when it comes to the stitches but to me they are the voacabulary of embroidery..If you don;t know what they can do how can they be fully used in a hand worked piece..the embroiderer will have less “words” at her disposal to use. Can you imagine speaking with a vocabulary of only 100 words or so….and not even know all the connotations of the words? Yep, that’s how I feel about stitches and why i am happy doing this stitch practice even if it’s not the most overtly creative work i have ever done.