I am so late getting to do this….gggggggg, it;s more like 100 details in a couple of years for me….but here it is, the first one, from day one…

This is actually based on Sharon’s 100 details, day one. If you look closely at it you can see that it really is a series of alternating tirangles, slightly off set because of the bead along the central line….. i drew out the basic lines so that i could go into my sewing room and still remember it! The thread i chose didn;t seem to go well with beads, although now that i have done the seam, i think that some small wooden seed -type beads in bright colors would have done very well. At any rate, what I did was stitch the central horizontal line in blue, add the triangle lines and decided to put a french knot in orangey brown where Sharon had a bead. Pearls just would not have made it here..lol….anyway, i then whipped the lines and the french knot disappeared visually! So of course, i had to find a way to bring it back out, so I wrapped the knot in purple round and round, putting a straight stitch on either side to hold the threads. ok, fine….what next???? Well, in place of the bugle beads(which I had EVERY intention of putting in the seam when i started it) i ended up with bullions. No heart beads, no candy colored flower buttons which i thought would be pretty cool actually, so french knots it was in bright yellow. I really was tired of the values by the time the bright yellow came round and it was a natural choice to brighten it all up…and then, because there there were so many colors by this time, i decided to add the extra line of yellow along the triangles. I think it works very well and looks like a folk art seam to me….so that is what i am calling it, folk art seam 001.

Sharon’s day one seam treatment can be found here-just scroll to the bottom of the page!

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