First, i want to thank everyone who comes by, whether you leave a comment or not. Of course I love reading what you have to say, so please, if you have a minute, do let me know you visited.And if you have a blog…please put it in your signature so i can come visit too!

These are my two pups….or they were pups when the pic was taken..the white one is the male and his name is….SinHuevos(get a friend that speaks Spanish to and the brown on is my female..Mija. They are sibs and were the last two of the litter. I couldn;t stand to seperate them when i saw them in the shelter!

My beloved and much missed Smokey
Smokey was a shelter dog,got him when he was about 4 and I had him for 13 years.
He was without a doubt the smartest dog, the most gentle, and the most patient dog i have known. It is hard to see a pic of him without getting emotional.

And this is me many moons ago….don;t have the car still but am still renting the house.

And yes, I still wear jeans and sweatshirts as the wardrobe of choice. My hair though is much shorter and i am quite a bit heftier.alas.