How about giving ourselves persmission to follow “our” voice….and the permission to make the inevitable mistakes we make while looking for words and building sentences. To me, art is the vocabulary of truth…and we have to have words in a language we know in order to tell the truth we see,feel,know.

I think it takes time to decide which languages you want to explore! And then, having found it, it takes time and energy to actually learn it… is not necessarily fluent in painting the first time one picks up the brush…that much is obvious.

To tell you the truth, fibers are my second language(and late exploring/learning it too!)…the first is clay….i would love love love to be able to work in large clay…and one of these days i will….but for the moment fiber is good..i have it, i love it, and it works.

Permit me a digression here………this is a subject near and dear to my heart….
this permission to explore the vocabulary of creation, and in the act of doing that, find also, what it is we want to say.

The following are some questions i have had so far on what art actually is, in the end.Very undeveloped as you will see, but i would be most interested to know what others think…please jump into this discussion if you wish.

Art being the vocabulary of truth….any art, any truth……if the piece is not telling the truth, i don;t care how tecnically brilliant it is etc etc(or even how wonderfully it follows the art principles-it is not art, but merely a high technical achievement.Perhaps artistic, perhaps high craft……. Worthy of respect, admiration etc etc, yes, but can it be called art?. At least that;s my question. I have been thinking of this a great deal over the last year or so in deciding what i wanted to do myself…and this is what i have come up with as far as figuring out the difference between art and not art…………lol…..
Are the decorative arts-art? If there is good art, and bad art, what is the difference…..does one follow laid down principles of compostition etc etc and the other not?

One thing art is… an artifact of human existence…not only are the pieces themselves an artifact, but the existence of the activity itself is an artifact of
human culture. That said, what is it that art does for humanity? Can it be defined by it;s effects?

Let me know what you think?