• Stitching Post
  • is doing a Two Stitch Challenge right now.It’s a further exploration of the chain stitch and blanket sttich on one piece.. The design area is 8 by 10 and those in the group who are participating are doing it on a medium-blue piece of plain weave fabric. Further, we are limited to using only two colors of thread. We aren’t limited in the number of different types of thread to use so there will be lots of ways to explore what the stitches look like and ways they can be used with each other to create pattern and texture.

    The line drawing below is one i just finished. If you click on it will open bigger and then if you click again it opens to the original size. This can be saved and will print out to 8×10. This is for personal use only please, and i would love to see what anyone does with it. One of the members of the list and I are tossing around the idea of doing a one by one rr with a small design and i thought this might be something we could use. After finishing it i thought maybe folks on my list would enjoy it, and maybe others as well. I think it lends itself to all sorts of treatments….many of the shapes can be altered all left out all-together and you could use the bigger shapes to make a needle-lace or point lace design practice piece. I think it would also lend itself quite well to practicing crewel fillings of all kinds.And then, last but not least, i also think it could easily be adapted to all sorts of free-surface embroidery combinations.

    let me know what you think..