This is a small log cabin block i did(about 4 inches square) i did as a little block to include in a card for a friend that was not feeling well. Each log has a differnt treatment. The threads are all fairly large, either craft thread or cotton crochet thread. The very top log is a simple buttonhole wheel with some staight stitches and two lazy daisies. on the left in yellow and red is a buttonhole done twice(once in each thread color) andthen some crossed stitches in the blocks of the buttonhole. and of course, the inevitable lazy daisy…

to the very right(as you look) is just chain stitching in some bright colors. Not the best, but at the time, it’s what i could do.

in the very center are some buttonhole wheels with straight stitches and some lazy daisies aboe them on the left-hand log. the log right above the center is large cross stitches with vvarious other stitches in the open spaces.

The right hand log next to the center has a buttonhole base, then some fly sitches with extremely short catches….(the darker blue) and the long pink stitches are straight stitches made to look like the catch stitch of a fly.

the lower log is a fly stitch line with some french knots and lazy daisies extended off the fathers.